Trap Bar


Trap Bar


Trap Bar

56″ Olympic Hex Trap Hex Weight Lifting Bar Gym Home Fitness Workout Equipment



If you’re in the market for a fitness equipment that is suitable for many different types of fitness activities, like power lifting, push ups and presses, then this is for you.

Made of heavy-duty steel with chrome finishing, our Olympic hex bar is rust and wear resistant. You are free to add weight plates to the loadable sleeve, as long as the thickness and the weight of plates does not exceed the limit of the bar. And the whole product has the maximum bearing capacity of 800 lbs. Except for that, 2 snap springs, included in the package, help you fix and lock the weight plates tightly. 2 different grip positions, both are knurled to increase friction, meet your different fitness needs. It is worth mentioning that the grip can be folded.




Wide range of application, deadlift, push ups, floor press and shoulder press

Made of heavy-duty steel construction with chrome finishing, durable and beautiful

2 grip options, regular and raised handles give you more flexibility

Dual knurled handles for increasing the friction and the handles can be folded

Easy to load or unload the weight plate, 2 snap springs to fix weight plates

Great Olympic hex bar addition for home or commercial gyms

Maximum bearing weight of 800 lbs, the loadable sleeve measures 10”




Material: Steel

Finish: Electroplated Chrome

Overall Length: 56”

Length of Loadable Sleeve: 10”

Net Weight: 40 lbs

Maximum Weight Capacity: 800 lbs

Package Includes :

1 X Olympic Hex Bar

2 X Snap Spring


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