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Standing six-feet high with a 48″x48″ footprint, the American-made S-1 Squat Stand is a space-efficient unit that gives up nothing in quality. As with the entire Rogue S-Series, we’ve designed the S-1 for both durability and ease-of-use, starting with 2×3” 11-gauge steel uprights, Westside hole spacing, and J-cups with protective UHMW plastic liners. Tested at a weight capacity topping 1,000 pounds, the latest model of the S-1 also includes an updated base that replaces the formed socket with the same bolted triangle plates used on our Monster Lite squat stands, improving the overall stability of the unit.


Because it’s the smallest and most practical of the S Series squat stands, the S-1 does not have pull-up bar holes. Its unique versatility, however, still makes it an all-in-one work station for squats, bench, clean pulls, floor press, overhead press, and much more. The S-1 is also compatible with a wide range of 2×3” accessories, including the Safety Spotter Arms, and Rogue Landmines.


Check out the sidebar on the right to order the S-1 individually or as part of a custom package with a bench, bar, plates, etc. To explore the larger S-Series squat racks with pull-up bar options, try the Rogue S-2, or S-3.




Made in Columbus, Ohio, USA

Height: 72”

Foot Print: 48″x48”

Weight Capacity: 1,000 + lbs

2×3” 11-gauge steel

West Side hole pattern (1” through bench and clean pull zone, 2” spacing above and below)

Redesigned base with Triangle Plates

J-cup with UHMW plastic liner

*Image above includes optional accessories that are sold separately



Brand Rogue Fitness

Made In USA   Yes

Color Black

Product Weight     114 lbs.

Height    72″

Other Product Specs  Weight Capacity: Tested at 1,000 lbs.

Steel Notes  2 x 3″ 11 Gauge

Foot Print   48″ x 48″


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