Squat Rack


Squat Rack


Squat Rack

Power Squat Rack Adjustable Exercise Power Cage Weight Lifting Workout Station, Adjustable Exercise Power Cage with Pull Up Bar for Home Gym.


?【HEAVY DUTY STRUCTION】 The power rack supports up to 800 lbs. Pull up bar supports up to 500 lbs. Assemble dimension of this power cage:63.8” (L) x 48.0” (W) x 84.6”~94.5” (H). The frame is constructed with high-grade 2” x 2” steel construction, Rubber non-slip pads encase each foot to add safety, stability, and floor protection.


?【ADJUSTABLE PULL UP BAR】 6 levels adjustable pull-up bar can be mounted at your preferred height. The height-adjustable range is 84.6” ~ 94.5”. In addition, if you want a lower height, you can turn the pull-up bar 180°, then fixed in the lowest two holes, the height of the pull-up bar can be as low as 73.0”.


?【J-HOOKS AND SPOTTER ARMS】 The Rubber-coated J-hook and safety arm can protect your barbell knurling, Reduce noise from collisions. The safety spotter arms for ease of mind and safety assurance when squatting or bench press with heavier weights. The spotter arms dimension: 16.1”(L) x 2.8”(W) .


?【 BAR AND PLATE STORAGE】 Easily organize bars and weights on the rack while adding extra stability when utilizing the machine. With spring clips in brackets for stability and versatility. (Barbell bar and Plate NOT included)


?【6 RESISTANCE BAND POSTS】 6 Resistance Band pins (3 per side) to increase versatility add extra resistance for lifts and squats. (Resistance bands NOT included in the package. NOTE: When using resistance bands, Put more weight plates on the storage rack, to improve squat stand stability)


Product Description

Heavy Duty Squat rack

Build your professional home gym

This half-rack is the perfect solution for anyone looking for an all-in-one rack. Featuring two j-hooks to mount a bar to allow you to squat, press or bench just like any rack, or load up the pins with Olympic weight plates to carry, push or drag. The squat rack also features an adjustable pull-up bar which enables you to adjust the height depending on what exercise you are performing. There is no limit to the exercises you can perform on the squat stand.


The squat rack included:

High-grade steel frame; 2 featuring rubber liners J-hooks to protect your barbell; 2 featuring rubber liners safety spotter arms; 2 standard Olympic weight storage rack with 2 clips; Adjustable pull-up bar; 4 non-slip rubber pads.



Color: Gray & Black

Material: High-Grade Steel

Net Weight: 84.6 lbs

Package Weight: 92.2 lbs

Assemble Dimension: 63.8” (L) x 48.0” (W) x 84.6”~94.5” (H)


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