Rubber Flooring


Rubber Flooring


Rubber Flooring

Rubber-Cal Elephant Bark Flooring 3/8-inch T x 4-feet


Color Red Dot

Brand Rubber-Cal

Material  Rubber

Item Dimensions LxWxH    144 x 48 x 0.38 inches

Item Thickness 0.38 Inches


About this item:


Great Value: Unlike most other flooring options that only come in one available thickness

Easy to Install: Whether you have a temporary or permanent use for these mats

Excellent Durability: The protective qualities of this rolled rubber flooring is hard to beat


Weather Resistance

This recycled rubber flooring has an intense range of durability thanks to the tough rubber tires it is made from. Tires are designed to withstand impacts, moisture, temperature, and heavy abrasions, and consequently this recycled flooring holds up to all of the same conditions. The recycled rubber material contains a high amount of EPDM, which gives it great resistance to UV and ozone as well.


American-made from eco-conscious recycled rubber.

Heavy-duty rubber material with great abrasion resistance.

Resistant to UV and ozone to excel in outdoor applications.


The recycled rubber product won’t form mold or mildew, and it can be hosed down with water for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Whether you need extra protection in a specific area of across the subfloor of a room, Elephant Bark durable flooring ensures a safe and reliable standing surface.


Superior Protection – Protective Surface

Rubber-Cal’s Elephant Bark eco-flooring and matting is most valued for its superior protection capabilities. Recycled rubber is a protective surface both above the rubber flooring and beneath it. This means that while the protective rubber provides a safe walking surface, it also prevents damage to your sensitive sub-floors. This feature is particularly important in applications exposed to heavy machinery, such as industrial settings.


Elephant Bark recycled rubber mats work as protective barrier, absorbing any shocks, vibrations, and impacts that could normally damage your sub-floor or equipment. Rubber material also enhances traction to keep equipment in place and prevent slips, making it great for safety-oriented applications of any kind.


Product description

Rubber-Cal’s 3/8-inch thick Elephant Bark rubber flooring is a thick, durable, and sturdy product. This rubber roll is available in multiple lengths and in six colors. The starting color of the commercial rubber floor is black and that is due to the recycled nature of the product. It is made from recycled US car tires and other discarded rubber products. The raw material is shredded into small rubber mesh and other non-rubber materials like metal fibers are removed. Then the tire mesh is reconstituted by molding the product using polyurethane adhesive. This makes for a recycled floor that is wholly made in America and from used American tires. This rolled flooring product is available in speckled colors called: Blue Dot, Red Dot, Green Dot, Candy Corn, All Black and Blue Steel. The speckle pigment averages about 17-Percent of the surface area of the black recycled floor. Being made from tires, which are very durable in the harsh conditions, make this rubber flooring ideal for demanding applications such as: mats for gym and fitness, outdoor flooring, rubber garage flooring, flooring in a basement, dog mats, horse trailer flooring or heavy equipment floor mats. Since it is recycled, this product is affordable This product is specifically manufactured for durability and is designed for either residential or commercial applications that are exposed to heavy foot traffic. Since we offer this roll of rubber in varied lengths and it requires no adhesive, installation is easy. The product is also heavy and will stay down under its own weight. Using a double-side carpet tape on the perimeter of the rolls, you can DIY install this commercial rubber floor in a jiffy. Elephant Bark recycled rubber floor is available in 7 unique colors you to aesthetically match any room to help create a safe and warm environment to inhabit. Bring life to your cold and barren floors. Buy this rubber roll today.


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