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Reebok Step


Reebok Step

Reebok Studio Deck Aerobic Step Gym Platform Incline Flat Workout Bench

Product Information

This compact and versatile step platform from Reebok can function as both an aerobic step for cardio workouts, and a bench for strength training. This makes it the perfect home gym. The incline of the unit is adjustable to enable progressive training. Easy to store and transport, the Reebok RSP16170 step platform is ideal for exercising in compact spaces such as apartments, or outside on the terrace, or in the garden.


Muscle Group:  Legs, Arms, Thighs, Full Body, Abdominal, Glutes

Features: Compact, Waterproof, Adjustable Weight, Adjustable Height, Adult, Sports, Round, Adjustable, Adults, Portable, Lightweight

Maximum User Weight:   150 kg

Item Weight:    3047 hundredths-pounds


Take your home gym to the next level with this (Reebok Studio Deck Aerobic Step Gym Workout Bench)


Add more fun and fitness to your routine during these difficult time, it’s the need of the hour


This amazing aerobic step bench is one of the most useful gym equipments ever, it can be used almost anywhere, be it your home, the gym, the studio or any outdoor locations


Its three different adjustable sitting positions gives it an edge over any other bench


It can be used inclined, declined, and flat, depending on your choice of strength training and also you can have an effective cardio session based on aerobic stepping


When used as a Step its height is 8 inches (20cm) which is ideal for low impact aerobics, you can easily increase the intensity by simply rising the deck to 13 inches (35.5cm) by using the integral risers through which it can easily be elevated


(Basically we can say its versatility at its best)


The Reebok Deck is dependably stable and safe throughout any workout due to its natural inertia, low centre of mass and non-slip rubber surface


Easy to transport and store away due to its portable size


There is integral storage space available inside for tubes and weight


With a simple click and lock mechanism you will be able to adjust the leg and back positions within seconds


Product information


(Length x Width x Height): 110x33x21-36 cm

Weight: 11.5 kg (26lbs)

Maximum load 110 kg


Dimensions (Not elevated) – l 1100mm x w 347mm x h 205mm (43” x 14” x 8”)


Dimensions (Elevated) – l 1213mm x w 347mm x h 305mm (48” x 14” x 12”)


Keep fit and get the Reebok “Deck” aerobic step now!


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