Reebok Rowing Machine


Reebok Rowing Machine


Reebok Rowing Machine

High-performance Reebok rowing machines

Workout in the comfort of your own home with Reebok rowing machines. Designed to give you a full body workout, rowing machines are an excellent piece of gym equipment as they are a great way to build and tone muscles as well as improving your cardiovascular performance. They also relieve stress on the back and joints whilst still providing a low impact workout. Whether youre looking to replace your old rowing machine or want to start working out from home, you can find a selection of Reebok rowing machines to help get you into shape here on eBay.


GR Rower


The GR Rower from Reebok is a highly functional piece of fitness equipment. It has 12 pre-set programmes, heart rate control, race mode and a manual programme so you can enjoy a versatile workout as well as 16 resistance levels. The GR Rower also has an LCD display allowing you to easily monitor your workout and your personal training goals letting you track calories, speed, time, distance and more. It also comes equipped with a heart rate monitor, user profiles and adjustable footplate straps for added comfort. This rowing machine from Reebok can be easily folded up and sits on wheels so you can store it away when its not in use.


ZJet Rower


The ZJET Rower from Reebok has been designed to really test your endurance with the 16 levels of resistance. Mix up your workout from sprints to endurance-based cardio with the 19 different programmes designed to give your rowing training some variety. This rowing machine has ergonomic hand grips and a cushioned seat allowing you to row for longer without becoming uncomfortable as well as providing you with added stability. The ZJet Rower utilises a 6kg flywheel and a 115 glide rail to provide a smooth action every time you row.


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