Punch Bag


Punch Bag


Punch Bag

RDX F10 4ft / 5ft 2-in-1 Training Punch Bag Black Set


More About RDX F10 4ft / 5ft 2-in-1 Training Punch Bag Black Set

Tough, incredibly long-lasting with astute impact absorption – the RDX Impact G-Core dual-layered punch bag can turn your average garage workout into a gym-level punch bag training session. Constructed from Maya Hide leather, this punch bag is built to survive high-volume, hard-hitting punching drills. Shredded textile filling absorbs just enough impact to protect hands while delivering optimal sway and resistance to build up your endurance. Sturdy top-zip closure provides easy access to fill up the bag to maximum capacity.  Pre-filled punch bags weights are as follow.


4ft Pre-filled Punch bag: Approx. 18 – 20 KG (Maximum Filling Capacity 40-50 KG)


5ft Pre-filled Punch bag: Approx. 20 – 22 KG (Maximum Filling Capacity 50 – 60 KG)


Same weight & filling capacity is recommended for the unfilled punch bags as well.



Resilient Maya Hide leather for heavy-duty use and durability

Duly stitched with precision for long-lasting performance

Shredded textile for optimal shock absorption and to help the retain shape of bag

Tethered loop facility at the base to minimize sway

Choose from 4f or 5ft punch bag options



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