Nautilus Counter


Nautilus Counter


Nautilus Counter

Nautilus Linear Counter Balanced Smith Machine


Product Specifications:


12 racking positions to fit different users, exercises and benches

Linear ball bearings on 1.5 inch hardened steel shaft provide smooth, durable bar travel

J-hook bail out design with new (spring-loaded) safety stop catches

Olympic bar counter-balanced to 10 lbs

Shielded counter weight and pulley

LxWxH: 58x93x95

Weight: 755lbs


This specific machine is popular for a couple of reasons.  One, that there is no awkward angle.  The bar/path is perfectly vertical, which keeps the tension on the muscle that’s being worked and not away from the body.


Two, the bar goes all the way to the floor, making deadlifts, bent rows etc. possible.  With many smith machines, the bar stops just short of the knees. It’s also a full walk through.


You can wheel the bench through either side, all the way through and you don’t have a bar in the way, limiting your range of motion or type of exercises all together.


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