Hyperextension Machine


Hyperextension Machine


Hyperextension Machine

Adjustable AB Back Bench Hyperextension Exercise Abdominal Roman Chair Fitness


Product Description


Supine board for professionals to create suitable for a full range of exercise

Rome chair suits different level crowd to take exercise, Essential for family  fitness



1.Double protection, screw fixation safety plug movement more stable, more  secure

2.7+4 gear adjustable, The height of the supine plate can be adjusted to meet  various training requirements

3.Leather cushion, 4cm high quality leather with stamen stripes is more  comfortable for sports

4.Non-slip foot cover, humanized design non-slip stability

5.Non-slip pad, Raised grain is effective in anti-skid

6.Thickening panel, panel thickness of 4cm

7.Thickened steel tube, wall thickness 2mm steel tube diameter 50mm

8.Collapsible design,the bolt can be easily pulled out to achieve the folding  function


Using range:

1.Dumbbell arm exercises ,exercise arm line

2.sit-ups ,Exercise your abdominal muscles


4.The waist exercises,Goats stand up is to improve the waist strength


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