Hack Squat Machine


Hack Squat Machine


Hack Squat Machine



Product Overview

Have your own dedicated leg press and hack squat station with the Leg Press Hack Squat Machine from PremierGym®. This 2-in-1 machine features both a leg press position and a hack squat set-up. You can switch workouts in seconds by easily flipping the back pad and dropping the leg press footplate for hack squats and vice-versa to return to a leg press position.


2-IN-1 CAPABILITY: This fitness machine allows you to use leg press AND hack squat positions, for a comprehensive lower body workout


HEAVY DUTY MACHINE: High quality steel construction makes this a solid and stable piece of fitness equipment


SAFETY DESIGN: Handrails on the sides give you complete control and an easy bailout, no matter what position you’re in


OLYMPIC SIZED: Fits 2″ Olympic sized weight plates and features two loadable weight posts for weight storage


COMFORTABLE FIT: This leg press machine is designed to accommodate athletes of all shapes and sizes






– 2-in-1 Machine features leg press and hack squat positions

– High quality steel construction for a solid, stable design

– Safety hand rails for complete control and easy bailout no matter what position you’re in

– Fits Olympic weight plates and features two loadable weight posts and two additional posts for weight storage

– Comfortable and adjustable for any size athlete




– Footprint Dimensions: 40-in W x 7 FT L

– Overall Height: 53-in.

– Leg Press Footplate Dimensions: 21-in W x 15-in L

– Leg Press Back Pad Dimensions: 10.5-in W x 31-in L

– Hack Squat Footplate Dimensions: 26-in W x 22-in L

– Hack Squat Footplate Positions: 4

– Hack Squat Shoulder Pad Spread: 7.5-in W

– Hack Squat Shoulder Pad Dimensions: 4.5-in W x 8-in L

– Hack Squat Back Pad Dimensions: 20-in W x 15-in L

– Weight Post Length: 11.25″ per side

– Storage Weight Post Length: 11.75-in per side

– Weight Post Diameter: 1.95-in.

– Weight Capacity: 875 lb.

– Weight: 325 lb.


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