Donkey Calf Raises


Donkey Calf Raises


Donkey Calf Raises


The #7070 Donkey Calf functions to effectively and comfortably isolate your calf muscles. During your workout, keep an arch to the lower back in order to prevent any injury to the hip area while executing donkey calf raises. Keep your knees bent and do not overstretch when coming down with your feet. Constructed with high quality, heavy duty commercial grade steel, this donkey calf will not disappoint in enhancing your exercise routine to build bigger and stronger calves! Made In Canada with High Quality North American Steel.




Heavy Duty commercial grade equipment with steel tube construction

Adjustable padding for hips and arm placement

Rubber handle grips consist of non-absorbing and wear-and-tear resistant material to ensure durability

350 lb weight stack

High quality vinyl and foam for durability and comfort

Fabric: GENUINE Naugahyde that provides a superior level of easy disinfectant and outstanding protection in gym, home, medical and healthcare environments

Foam type: Closed CELL foam that increases structural strength to foam, as well as enables it to resist liquid water and function as a vapour retarder



Length: 55″

Width: 26″

Height: 69″

Weight: (680 lb) – (308 kg)




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