Chest Supported T Bar Row


Chest Supported T Bar Row


Chest Supported T Bar Row

Product Overview:


Strengthen and define your back muscles with the Chest Supported Lever Row Machine from Titan Fitness. The design of this machine allows you to focus on your back muscles, shoulders, and arms while reducing strain on your lower back. This unit is adjustable to suit different size individuals using the 4 positions on the footplate, space 2-in apart, and by moving the handles between the 5 different set positions.





– Adjustable footplate and handle.

– Diamond plated footplate for grip.

– Fits Olympic Weights.

– High quality vinyl chest pad.

– Heavy gauge steel.




– Overall Footprint: 84-in x 43-in.

– Chest Pad: 20-in x 10-in.

– Footplate: 23.5-in x 17.5-in.

– Weight Sleeve Length: 13.5-in.

– Vertical Grip Length: 9-in.

– Vertical Grip Spread: 17.5-in.

– Horizontal Grip Length: 5.5-in.

– Horizontal Grip Spread: 20-in – 31-in.

– Product Weight: 103 lb.


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