Belt Squat Machine


Belt Squat Machine


Belt Squat Machine

The belt squat is one of the best lower body exercises you can do and does not cause stress on the torso and spine. Includes the machine and the belt squat belt.


The Belt Squat is Your Ticket to New Personal Bests!

Our belt squat 2.0 is by far the best money value belt squat available and comes with some excellent upgrades


Beefed up the steel to 11 gauge with 0 gauge connection plates for a 700lb weight capacity


Optional side or top loaded pegs (top loaded is recommended for a full range of motion)


Top and bottom band pegs


Includes heavy duty belt


There’s been a lot of hype around belt squats as of late, and for good reason; they work.


Here’s a breakdown of why they’re the greatest thing since sliced bread, and what they can do for your training:


No upper body

Glute activation

Not just belt squats

So now that you know why the belt squat is so awesome, let me lay down why the Bells of Steel belt squat is your best choice



Innovative design

Bushings for a smoother ride


Specs //

Superior bushings  on pivot points for a smooth movement

Adjustable band pegs for added dynamic resistance

Top and bottom pegs for adding banded resistance

Includes  heavy duty belt with 2 feet of chain and 2 caribeners

Jcups  Adjustable jcups

Paint  Black powder coating

Weigh’s   in at a beefy 264lbs and ships unassembled in 2 boxes

Made of  60 x 60 mm steel 3mm thick with 8mm connection plates/ 2.3″ x 2.3″ 11 gauge steel with 0 gauge connection plates

Optional side    of top loaded plate pegs

Unit Mounted  Freestanding standalone unit that does not need to be mounted

Size    51 inches long, 52″ wide, 40″ tall and the base is 35.5″ wide


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